Kyoto Side Chair & Kyoto Arm Chair

Kyoto Side Chair & Kyoto Arm Chair

    ca. 1990

    Here, the use of tapered conical legs, solid wood back, upholstered seat cushion, and addition of arms, make for an altogether distinctive chair. The pure forms and lines of the chair allow the chair to be "dressed" in either a casual or formal manner. A comfortable and relaxed posture is evident from the studied position and contour of the chair back.

    Dimensions: Side Chair: 32 1/4" H x 18 1/4" W x 21 1/2" D; Seat height 18"

    Arm Chair Height: 32 1/4" H x 23" W x 22" D

    Construction: Solid maple and maple veneer.

    Specify painted, cherry, mahogany or maple finish.

    COM: 1 yard.

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